Jaymashi and Welcome

to Living Faith Orphanage in Dhading Besi/ Nepal!

“Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved.”
The Bible - Acts 16:31

Faith, love, joy, security, hope.
This characterizes the togetherness in the "Living Faith Orphanage" (LFO), the orphanage in Dhading/ Nepal. Whoever gets to know the children living there cannot imagine what difficult and sometimes terrible experiences they have already had - BEFORE they came to Man Bahadur and his wife Tara in the orphanage. 
Abandoned, deserted, abused and maltreated - these children know what that means.
And yet they are now full of life, joy and exuberance. Because here in the LFO children's home they are allowed to be children. Here they get regular meals, education, health care, real love and so much more! 
And the most important thing: they get to know Jesus Christ.
~ Joana-Christin Schmidt, coworker of LFO from Germany


“Our orphanage, the first of now 6 in Dhading, exists since 2001. We love to call ourselves a “Children's Home”, for any child in need can find a save place in our three-story house, located just outside Dhading Besi, Nepal.
Our vision is to take care for as many kids as we possibly can. Focussing first on those who are orphaned, we raise them with a hopeful Christian perspective in order to bring the greatest change to society, we believe.
The faith in our LORD Jesus Christ gives us the hope and courage to deal with every day problems. Especially in hard times we know that our God and Father in heaven supports us. We have experienced that so many times!
HE is using people who supports us. HE always cared for us and I know, he will not stop.
The most important thing you could do for us is your prayer. Through the prayers of so many Christians we feel carried during every new day.“
~ Man Bahadur Tamang, director of LFO

  1. Would you like to take part in this valuable service and be a real help for the project? Here you can find several ideas and opportunities.
  2. For all questions please contact Man Bahadur:                     man.ttchdnp@yahoo.com (Nepali, English)
Living Faith Orphanage

Neelakantha-2 Rayatar
Dhading Besi/ Nepal

Reg. No. 820
SWC No. 27170
PAN No. 600903178


Man Bahadur Tamang: man.ttchdnp@yahoo.com (Nepali, Englisch)
Joana-Christin Schmidt: j.schmidt@amro-ev.de
(German, English)

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