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"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son [Jesus Christ], that whoever believes in HIM shall not perish but have eternal life."
The Bible - John 3:16

As one large family in Jesus Christ, we believe that working together and supporting each other is the way to achieve the best possible results and help as many children as possible.
Man and Tara's children's home in Dhading Besi would offer enough space to care for more children and there would be enough needy children! But financially, their hands are simply tied to take in more children of their own accord.
The children entrusted to their care grow older and so do their expenses. Because the attendance of a college or a university is substantially more expensive than the attendance of a primary school. The expenses of the LFO Children's Home have also increased in recent years due to general domestic price increases.


First of all, the staff of the LFO need our prayer to do their work.
Tell other Christians, your family and friends about Man B., Tara and their children so that more brothers and sisters in Christ may pray for them!

One-time financial support

Support the children's home with a one-time smaller or larger financial donation and help to cover the daily costs for food, water, electricity bills, hygiene, and above all the costs for school and education.

Regular financial support

Support the children's home with a regular smaller or larger sum.
Particularly regular support makes the work of the parents of the LFO- children much easier! Even a sum of 10€ monthly already helps a bit!

Child sponsorship

Become a sponsor for one of the children's home children and support it regularly with a sum of 30€ per month.

Voluntary work in the
children's home

Visit the "Living Faith" orphanage
in Dhading Besi/ Nepal and help out on site. 

Voluntary work in the region

Are you looking for a partner for a mission in the developing region of Nepal?


Examples of monthly expenses to cover the whole children's home (18 persons):

- Food and food preparation: about 300€

- School fees: about 150€

- medical care (but without unforeseen expenses): about 50€

- clothing: about 25€, school uniforms: about 30€

- Hygiene: about 10€

- Electricity bill: about 40€

- Rental fee for textbooks: about 60€

These are of course by far not all costs, which the house parents have to cover monthly. A total of 750-800€ are needed in one monthAs you can see, the expenses for living in Nepal are much lower and already 10€ of support makes a difference!

Would you like to help? Please contact us or just click here.

!! All financial donations are going via AmRo e.V. !!

This relief organization has been forwarding the financial donations since 2005 and all donations are collected to save transfer fees.
AmRo e.V. is a transparent charity, certified by the German Donation Council "Deutscher Spendenrat" (german).

Account relationship:
Sparkasse Hochrhein
IBAN DE10 6845 2290 0077 0321 59
Intended purpose:
"Nepal - Dhading Children Home"


Child sponsorship:

Cover some or all of the costs for the needs of a certain childReceive regular development reports and take part in the life of your sponsored child. Also personal contact via letters or e-mail or even a personal visit in Nepal is possible! Monthly the equivalent of 50 - 70€ per child is needed. A minimum participation of 30 euros is already appreciated!

Interested? Just contact us!


Would you like to take part in this valuable service? You are very welcome!

As the children's home is a registered institution of the "NGO Federation of Nepal", it is possible to take in volunteers and to handle all legal regulations for visas, etc. The children of the LFO will make your stay unforgettable, and there is also the possibility to combine your time in Nepal with incomparable trekking impressions, as Man B. himself is a registered trekking guide. 


Would you like to contribute your medical, technical or administrative knowledge and skills or work in our church? Together with Man B. we will find an opportunity and the right field of application. The children's home welcomes you and your team for up to 10 days.  

Just contact us!

Whatever possibility you consider - our almighty God and Lord Jesus Christ will bless you abundantly! 

„Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord and he will reward them for what they have done.“ The Bible - Proverbs 19:17
„Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.“
The Bible - Matthew 25:40

Do you have any other ideas? Contact us with pleasure! 

Man Bahadur Tamang: man.ttchdnp@yahoo.com (Nepali, English)

Joana-Christin Schmidt: j.schmidt@amro-ev.de (German, English)

Living Faith Orphanage

Neelakantha-2 Rayatar
Dhading Besi/ Nepal

Reg. No. 820
SWC No. 27170
PAN No. 600903178


Man Bahadur Tamang: man.ttchdnp@yahoo.com (Nepali, English)
Joana-Christin Schmidt: j.schmidt@amro-ev.de
(German, English)

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