Jesus Christus: "The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, because the Lord has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted [...]"
The Bible - John 3:3

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Lockdown-Situation in Nepal (Covid-19)

April 2020 - First aid packages for families threatened by the corona crisis:

Everybody knows about the current corona situation, which has turned our daily life upside down and even in our "safety of Germany" quite a few people are facing great challenges and even face existential fears.
You can think about the whole affair as you like and everyone is entitled to their opinion.

But there is no denying the fact that it is precisely in developing countries like Nepal (>>one of the 10 poorest countries in the world) that people are among the most affected:
Similar to Germany various measures have been ordered by the government in Nepal, which - even more apparent than we can ever imagine here - have completely destroyed the livelihood of many people.
Many families are already struggling to survive in their normal everyday life with a tiny income
(>> average income of 650 Euro per YEAR!! - more than half of the population lives on less than 2 Euro per day !! ).
But now they have nothing at all, because even this small livelihood is gone.

In the district of Dhading, the district administration had started to put together first aid packages (basic food and soap) for 400 of the families most in need to help them through this crisis situation. Unfortunately, the government is financially unable to continue this project, so Man Bahadur, the director of the LFO Children's Home in Dhading Besi, would like to take over the implementation of this first aid
In the past, he has already organized several aid projects, e.g. after the severe earthquakes in 2015.
It is very important to the staff of the LFO Children's Home to show GOD's love to the people in their surroundings. - Although they themselves have no secure livelihood, they want to trust Jesus Christ in this matter as well: 
He has not only cared for the entire children's home family over many years, but has also enabled them to show the living faith in Him in practical charity.

You could also become part of God’s aid and help to realize this project!

For only 25 Euro, a complete family in need can be provided with basic food for up to 10 days!

1 "first aid package" for one family includes:

1 bag of rice, 2 kg lentils, 1 l cooking oil, 1 kg salt, 1 kg sugar, 3 pieces of soap

!! All financial donations are going via AmRo e.V. !!

This relief organization has been forwarding the financial donations since 2005 and all donations are collected to save transfer fees.
AmRo e.V. is a transparent charity, certified by the German Donation Council "Deutscher Spendenrat" (german).

Account relationship:
Sparkasse Hochrhein
IBAN DE10 6845 2290 0077 0321 59
Intended purpose:
"First Aid Project Nepal"

LFO - Children's Home


June 2020 – Move in of Rasa Maya (10)
- finally the first of the three new children has arrived in Dhading Besi!
Two months later than planned (due to the very strict "lockdown" in Nepal - see above) but better late than never!
Would YOU like to support the girl with a sponsorship?
Feel free to ask!

January 2020:
Since the children's home of Man Bahadur and Tara is very well known by various governmental agencies, among others, they keep receiving requests for the accommodation of new children. Also through private contacts, the parents of the children's home sometimes hear about children in emergency situations.
As soon as possible, three new children are to be taken in. Like most of the other children in the Living Faith children's home, these children also come from very difficult backgrounds and have already experienced far too much hardship.
Although the financial situation in the children's home is still very tense since the accident of the director of the children's home last year (part of the operation and hospital costs still have to be paid back), Man Bahadur and his wife Tara do not close their house to children who need urgent help:


Jason is only 5 years old and already used to be on his own a lot. His father is addicted to alcohol and violent towards his wife and children and does not care for them. Also financial problems are preprogrammed by the alcohol addiction.
The boy roams around a lot and despite his young age he is more on the streets than at home.
Bahadur hopes to have all the formalities sorted out soon, so that he can have a loving family and a social and regular life in his children's home.
Do you want to become his sponsor as soon as he has found a new home in the children's home? Just let us know.


Rasa Maya, 10 years old, lives with her single mother in extremely poor conditions. What they need to survive, the girl has to beg for, they themselves have nothing. The mother has massive psychological problems, and now she has also been diagnosed with tuberculosis. Nobody knows who the girl's father is, because the mother fell victim to an abuse and became pregnant as a result.
Rasa Maya is also supposed to come to the children's home in Dhading as soon as possible and thus to a loving and safe environment.


Simran, a 4-year-old girl, has also experienced difficulties despite her young age. Her very young parents (mother 14 years old, father 16 years old) have abandoned her due to overstraining. The girl's great-grandparents used to take care of the girl, but in the meantime they are simply too old and no longer able to provide Simran with sufficient care. The mayor of her village has now asked Man Bahadur and his wife for help.
As soon as the little girl has arrived at the LFO orphanage, the support can begin by means of a sponsorship. Would YOU like to become her sponsor?

Living Faith Orphanage

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Dhading Besi/ Nepal

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Man Bahadur Tamang: (Nepali, English)
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